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Posted on 03 March 2021


After a funeral it can be a very lonely and difficult time for families, with many experiencing huge waves of emptiness or left considering what can be done with the ashes of their loved one.

Although a difficult time for everyone, children can be particularly tricky to reach out to after the loss of a loved one, and it can be hard to know how to bring them comfort.

At St Margaret’s Funerals we know how important it is to be able to grieve and acknowledge the feelings everyone is going through, young and old. There is no right or wrong way to grieve and no suggestion works for everyone. But if you are struggling to make decisions on how you would like to remember your loved one, and perhaps the best way to do this for the whole family, there are many ideas to choose from.

At St Margarets Funerals we have many options - we’ve included some of these below, but please contact us for any further information.


Deciding what to do with a loved ones ashes is a huge decision and one many people worry about getting right. Many people add their wishes to their Wills but if this isn’t the case then there are many options to choose from:

Keeping ashes close or internment

Many people like to keep the ashes of a loved one close to them. There is a wide range of urns and caskets available both for keeping at home and for interring into consecrated ground.

There are many variations with a choice of urns being made from recycled materials. There are also those that are suitable for the garden.

With both of these options there are many choices available, from traditional wood to the casket being decorated with your loved ones favourite picture.   

Honouring a love of the outdoors

As an alternative to keeping the ashes close, you may wish to gather with your family at a later date and scatter the ashes during a favourite walk, keeping a log of where they are. There are even apps which can record this for you to share with friends and family.

A popular choice with many families is to have the ashes placed in a scatter tube, of which there are many designs. These tubes have a perforated hole inside that can make the scatttering easy, clean and dignified.  

To honour a keen walker we also have walking sticks, that scatter ashes while you take in your loved ones favourite walk. Again these can be used with the app so you can retrace your steps time and again.

If you have fond memories of water and would like to respectfully lay the ashes to rest in a favourite pond, lake or stream we can order bio-degradable pillows that gently float before slowly sinking and are a lovely tribute with a scattering of fresh flowers.                        

Jewellery and keepsakes

Children and adults alike can get much comfort from having a small amount of the ashes of a loved one sewn into a specially made bear or cushion, or an item could be made from a favourite piece of clothing. 

Others may wish to wear a piece of fashionable jewellery that contains a small amount of the ashes set into a coloured resin. This is something that the Funeral Directors at St Margaret’s are especially proud to offer, as they have been trained to make this jewellery on site and consider this to be the very last personal touch that we can offer to a family as part of their journey.

Knitted hearts

At St Margaret’s Funerals, we encourage our families to have a unique experience that is personal to them. We are lucky to have some wonderful volunteers that have been keeping themselves busy during lockdown, making knitted or stitched hearts.

The families that have visited our chapel of rest during lockdown, have been offered a set of these hand made hearts…one to keep for themselves and one to place with their loved one. Just another way to keep the feeling of closeness for a little bit longer.

These are just a few things that you and your family may want to consider in the time after a funeral, whether you have used our services or not. If you would like to discuss any of these options, please do get in touch.

For further information, help and advice please contact the team at St Margaret’s Funerals on or alternatively give us a call on Taunton 01823 322072 or Bridgwater 01278 433950

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