St Margaret’s Funerals

St Margaret’s Funerals are a company where the standards of service and facility are excellent and consistent whoever you are and whatever your budget is.

Our team of professional funeral directors are kind, caring and there to help you with expert advice to find the perfect funeral for you.

We are a company that truly works on the principle of “caring, transparent and personal”.

We are proud to offer a transparent menu of products and prices that start with unattended direct cremation and rise to a bespoke traditional funeral. The lower priced direct cremation Simple and Flexible options are not readily available at other local funeral directors and are designed to serve a new and growing demand for simpler funeral services.

All of St Margaret’s Funerals’ options are easy to understand and allow you to find a service that is suitable for you, but at a price that you can also feel comfortable with.

In addition, we offer a selection of pre-arranged, fixed cost funeral plans to cater for all budgets and personal choices, so that funeral arrangements can be made years in advance. The details are then known and the price is fixed. Therefore, all worry about having the funeral service the person wanted and the cost of it at the time of need is eliminated and you can get on with living life to the full. The funds paid into these plans are held in a Royal London whole-of-life policy and are therefore totally secure and guaranteed.

All of these services can be discussed either at your home, in the hospice or when you visit our modern facility whose interior design are tasteful and serene rather than dark and forbidding.

You can find us at: Bridgwater, 46-48 Eastover, TA6 5AT or call us on 01278 433950