End of Life Funeral Plans

  • Innovative new funeral plans for people who know they are dying
  • Funeral Plans for people with Palliative care needs
  • Palliative Care Funeral Plans

Planning ahead when you are receiving palliative care is important

If you have been advised that you need palliative care or a prognosis that means you are approaching the end of your life, it can be a good idea to record your views, preferences and priorities about your future wishes. Your doctor or specialist nurse will be already encouraging you to plan ahead to ensure all your preferences are known. This will support the people who care for you as well as giving you peace of mind by ensuring all your needs, wishes and affairs are sorted out.

It is helpful to think and talk about your wishes whilst you can, including the type of funeral you would prefer and how you would like others to help you celebrate your life.

It is important that you don’t pay unnecessary costs

You may want to pay for your funeral in advance to remove this burden from your family. However if your life expectancy is short you shouldn’t have to pay for the administrative costs associated with a typical pre-planned arrangement or bear the costs of premiums included within a whole of life policy that is intended for someone who is expected to live for years to come as this would be completely unfair. Hospice Funerals have negotiated a choice of completely new, guaranteed, fixed price funeral packages with a whole of life insurer to successfully reduce the costs charged for a range of funeral plans.

Identify your wishes and preferences

Hospice Funerals have designed funeral packages especially for people who have been given a prognosis that means that they are likely to die within a relatively short period of time. Anyone who has been recognised by their GP or their consultant as having palliative care needs, or has been referred to a hospice is eligible to apply for a Palliative Care Funeral Plan. It’s easy to arrange.

Ring this number to speak to someone who can help you:

01823 322072 or 01278 433950

This innovative new Plan is the first and only one in the funeral industry that caters for the very specific needs of those with an End of Life prognosis. On confirmation from a clinician that an individual is likely to live for less than 12 months the client or their family can apply for the end of life palliative funeral plan and will be guaranteed to be accepted.