Low cost cremation or traditional funeral

At St Margaret’s Funerals we offer you a selection of low cost cremations or the multiple choices available with our bespoke funeral options.

If you wish to avoid the costs associated with a traditional funeral we are able to offer you low cost direct cremation options that can be a considerable saving compared to the cost of a traditional funeral (dependent on the option selected).

However, if you would prefer to arrange a traditional funeral service, we offer a full range of bespoke funeral services. In all cases prices are quoted while making the arrangements so cost can be taken into account and budgets catered for.

It is important that you not only arrange the funeral of your choice but that you do so at a price that you feel comfortable with. The cost of a funeral is dependent on what you select. Therefore, we offer a wide range of products and prices.

For example, a burial in a new brick grave vault, the provision of an expensive oak casket, a floral hearse, a hearse, 6 limousines, a church service with personalised service sheets, several floral tributes and national obituary notices is going to cost a lot more than a funeral service that consists of a simple cremation coffin with the family meeting directly at a crematorium and with none of the above additions.

Please feel free to ask about all the options available when arranging a funeral service or acquiring a pre-paid fixed price funeral plan, in the knowledge that the standards of service will be the same whatever you select.

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